Spoiler alert!

Thank you for playing our game Time to wake up. This is a step by step walkthrough to all the items you can interact with and how to find all the different endings. Enjoy!


The living room

  • First of all you have to find the lamp with your cursor. The Lamp is located in the upper right part of the screen. When the lamp is lit it explodes and leaves you once again in darkness.
  • Find the blinds with your cursor, they are located far right on the screen.
  • Drink the coffee to enhance your vision.
  • Pick up the photo of Theresa, you might want to use it later.

The kitchen

  • Pick up the onion and the bread.


The hall

  • Open the envelope and pick up the mysterious bulb.
  • Look in the peep-hole
  • Call Frank and ask him about the strange shadow outside your door.


The bathroom

  • Pick up the pills, you can eat them or save them for later.
  • Go back to the living room.

The living room

  • Use the mysterious bulb on the light fixture the get teleported to the dark world.


The stairwell

  • Open the refuse disposal chute so the thrash bag falls down.


The lobby

  • Talk to the girl.


Frank’s office

  • Pick up the maintenance key on the desk.


Garbage room

  • Look in the trash bin. Move the paper and pick up the piece of puzzle.
  • Pick up the sushi. You can eat it or save it.
  • Look in the mouse hole in the wall.
  • Click on the mouse eyes once more.
  • Give the poor thing something to eat. Anything will do the trick, onion, bread, sushi or pills.
  • Leave the room for the mouse to eat the food. When you reenter the mouse is dead.
  • Look at the mouse and remember what the carvings look like.
  • Use the maintenance key on the locker to open it.
  • Look closer on the locker. If you pull the switches in the same order as the carvings on the mouse one of the fuses will fall out.
  • Pick up the fuse.

The lobby

  • Give the piece of puzzle to the girl. She disappears and leaves you a box.
  • Put the strange gizmo together. Here’s a picture of what it should look like.
  • Put the fuse in the hole in the gizmo. Pick up the completed gizmo.


The endless corridor
Trivia: If you walk 30 frames in the corridor you will find something.

  • Talk to the girl

First right. The projector room

  • Don’t talk to the girl! Click on the projector and watch the movie. It contains some clues on how to use the gizmo.


First left. The room with the heavy frame

  • Turn the gizmo on to see the painting inside the frame. It’s a clue about what’s going on.


Second left.  Empty room/room with blood

  • Turn the gizmo on and remember the numbers written in blood.


Second right. Empty room/living room

  • Turn the gizmo on and click on the painting to reveal the safe. Enter the code you found in the bloodroom to open it.
  • Pick up the knife and the photos.

Third left. Empty room/bathroom

  • Turn the gizmo on and click on the mirror to get a flashback of what happened.


Third right. Empty room/crematory

  • Turn the gizmo on to see the crematory. You can throw the knife and all photographs of Theresa in the fire to destroy the evidence.

Fourth right. Empty room/Theresa’s room

  • Read the letter

Go back to the projector room

  • Talk to the girl to end the game.

The three different endings

  • The endings are different depending on how you choose to remember the events with Theresa. If you close the majority of doors in the corridor you will deny what happened and live a life in misery.
  • If you leave the majority of doors open you will suffer the consequences of your crime.
  • To trigger the third ending you have to close ALL the doors and destroy the knife, the pictures of Theresa’s corpse and the picture from your living room. Try it, there’s nothing more to say about it.

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